Why Mom’s Hot Dogs

Mom’s is your guarantee of unwavering quality and unforgettable flavour. We deliver on that promise by using some awesome meat cuts, naturally smoking them over kiln-dried beechwood chippings, and encasing them in the finest natural hog casing.

True Taste of Moms

Our Products

The Bad Boy®

24cm | 140g

Meet the rockstar of our menu, the Mom's Bad Boy®. This smoky, extra-coarse delight made with chunky pork shoulder meat promises a real BITE with its natural hog casing. Weighing in at 140g, it's a hearty treat that stands as a legend in its own lunchtime!

The Original

17cm | 95g

This all-pork treat is slow smoked over beechwood and encased in natural hog skin for that unbeatable snap. Pair it with our deluxe brioche roll and your favourite toppings. At 95g, it’s the perfect bite for every appetite.

The Classic

18cm | 90g

Say hello to Mom’s Classic hot dog: our skinless, gourmet gem! Crafted from premium pork cuts and a dash of herbs, its beechwood-smoked flavour offers a smooth, tender bite. A high end classic that slides seamlessly into any roll.

The Junior

18cm | 50g

Perfectly crafted for kids and those with a smaller appetite, Mom’s Junior is a mini delight! Skinless, with prime pork cuts and a hint of herbs, it is pure, no-fuss goodness. Pair it with a Bad Boy® and you’ve got a menu that’ll leave everyone grinning.

Fab Frank

17cm | 90g

Introducing the crowd’s favourite: Mom’s Fabulous Frankfurter. This skinless wonder boasts the smoky essence of our gourmet dogs but with a fine texture that’s easy on the bite. Delicious taste, friendly on the pocket; a top choice for diverse menus.

The Halal

22cm | 90g

Prepared meticulously to halal standards, our Halal Dog is made with halal chicken and turkey meat, smoked in the traditional way. No pork, no compromise: a delicious treat that respects dietary preferences. Dive in and taste the halal difference!

Mom's Rolls

Various Sizes Available

Elevate your hot dog experience with Mom's artisan bread rolls – a touch of sweetness and a light semolina crust for the perfect finish. Available in two sizes to cradle both our Junior and full-sized dogs. Looking for a statement bun? Try our glazed brioche rolls – rich in both colour and flavour, offering a softer bite.

Mom's Sauces

1kg Bottles

Pair your Mom’s hot dog with the ultimate condiment duo. First up, it's Mom's Tasty Tommy Sauce – bursting with the rich flavour of ripe tomatoes and a hint of herbs and spices. It's not your average 'red' sauce; it's a taste experience. And don't forget Mom's Mellow Mustard – smooth, warming, and just the right balance of flavours to complement our smoky, delicious hot dogs. These are the finishing touches that make Mom's an experience you won't forget.


Various Sizes Available

Enhance your hot dog presentation with Mom's branded accessories and disposables. We offer a diverse range of high-quality items, including fully branded hot dog trays, printed and perforated foil bags, and Mom's logo'd napkins. Each piece is custom-designed to elevate your customers' experience and add a touch of Mom's magic to every bite.

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